Grough Magazine - Want to feel a bit chirpier? How about a Yumpa energy bar, with added crickets

25 January 2017

By Bob Smith

"If you thought eating insects was only for c-list celebrities in the Australian jungle, think again.

There’s a small team of food innovators in a northern English city that’s out to convince outdoor enthusiasts that entomophagy is the way forward.

Enter Next Step Foods, whose Yumpa energy bars dropped through the letterbox of grough Towers recently.

The two varieties, Tangy Thai and Cocoa-a-go-go contain familiar ingredients such as dates, nuts, seeds and fruit – and crickets. More accurately, the bars contain 7 per cent cricket flour – which is made from grinding up the insects.

Sheffield-based Next Step Foods believes the future is chirpy for this unusual source of nutrition. The insects have been eaten as snacks in the far east for many years, usually fried. But Yumpa’s bars use cricket flour, which the company says has 6 per cent fat. Crickets also contain as much vitamin B12 as salmon, three times as much iron as spinach and more magnesium and zinc than beef."

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