3 Things That Make The Perfect Snack Bar

13 February 2017

We want to take you on our journey in these first few blogs. Short and sweet posts…a bit like a Yumpa…but not too sweet – there are enough of those bars around!

Now Yumpa’s USP is definitely the cricket flour. Yumpa contains edible insects and all the value they bring – crickets are a very healthy and sustainable food and for 2 billion people around the world entomophagy (eating insects) is an everyday thing…but more of that in later posts.

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We wanted to create a snack that's not only healthy, nutritious and sustainable but really yummy too.  Flavour certainly, but also texture.  Several recent studies have shown there is a link between more complex textures and satiety (feeling of fullness).

We reckon that this is especially important in a cricket energy bar designed to perform in the hills and on the road as well as at your desk with a nice cuppa.  To our surprise we couldn't get the right size of sulphur-free apricots (more on these in a later post) or no-added-sugar cranberries so we decided to chop these tangy beauties ourselves to achieve just the right 'bite'.  Little did we know what a tricky and sticky task this would be...but thanks to local trading co-op Regather’s commercial kitchen we found the space and the bit of kit up to the task.  (Cue attractive hair net).  We’re pleased with the fruity nibbliness but we'd certainly like to know what you think.

IMG_0719 copy

Now, it's fine to have all our ingredients providing just the right texture, but they all had to stick together in a bar that travels to some pretty extreme places in Jagged Globe expedition packs. Yumpa is not extruded like most snack bars - trays are hand rolled by a local manufacturer.  There are lots of binding agents we could have used but to keep it all natural and also paleo, our choices were more limited.  Enter chicory root fibre, a potent prebiotic that has been shown to positively affect gut flora, has a stabilising effect on blood sugar...and also gets really sticky when wet.  A pinch of this and we were away.

It took months of trial and error...and then more trials...and then a bit of tweaking...

IMG_0720 copy

...but we finally created a rich fruity, nutty mix which ticked all three of our boxes for a great snack bar:

  1. A well balanced, interesting and yummy flavour
  2. Complex texture to increase satiety
  3. A stable structure to survive rucksack and pocket as well as your lunch box

We now had the base on which to fuse Yumpa’s natural flavours…and that’s what our next post will be about.

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