About Us

Yumpa is brought to you by Next Step Foods, a small team of food pioneers exploring the future of sustainable food. We’re believers in better and explorers of the insect-eating world – we know it’s where food production is going to go, and we want to help make it a delicious part of life for everyone. Here’s how we got here…

Tony Askins - ‘The Cricket-bar Guy’

Next Step’s founder, spent his previous career in landscape architecture, variously winning awards for innovation in environmental regeneration and flood management.

Tony realised insects were the future after hearing about, “Agriprotein”, a South African company processing organic waste into high-protein animal feed…using flies! Innovative, smart and sustainable. It seemed this was going to be the kind of clever thinking needed to help overcome the global challenges of rising demand and decreasing capacity for farming. After reading The United Nations report ‘Edible insects: Future prospects for food and food security’, he knew entomorphagy (eating insects) was the way forward. And ta-da! Next Step Foods was born, and here’s Yumpa.

And so the principles that underpin everything that Next Step Foods plans to explore and develop, emerged.

Our products MUST:

  • TASTE good – Be flavoursome, wholesome, and satisfying.
  • DO good – Innovate in food production for environmental sustainability.
  • FEEL good – Be a healthy, nutritious product that sustains us.

The Place

We are based in Sheffield, a hotspot for climbing, bouldering, walking, biking, and all kinds of other outdoors activities. On the edge of the beautiful Peak District, our Outdoor City is choc-full of people happy to road test and help us develop our products that are perfect for all sorts of active people and endurance sports fans.

We are a small busy team of snack pioneers! As well as Tony, Next Step Foods is:

The People

Naomi Benoist – “The Chef”

Naomi was in the musical Cats as a kid, but that’s not the only reason we have her on our team. She brings over 12 years’ experience as a developmental chef with particular interests in health, nutrition and food intolerances. She currently indulges her passion for top quality ingredients and innovative cooking as a developmental chef for a fine food company.

Mark Bradburn – “The Baker”

Mark brings experience of the Food Manufacturing & Distribution business as well as coaching and developmental skills. He is also a Bertinet trained baker and really, really, really loves (some say obsessed) with baking bread.

Joe Horobin – “The Strategist”

Joe brings to the Next Steps table her experience in marketing, business strategy and coaching, along with her passion for creative innovation. She’s also Tony’s wife and fluent in German and Russian…which is handy.

Next Step Foods is very fortunate to have these non-executive board members, all experts in their respective fields and all contributing a great deal to the growth of the company, our strategy and our product range.

For more information about Next Step Foods, visit our website: www.nextstepfoods.com